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An overview of careers in the ad monetization industry

June 13, 2022
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Do you want to start your career in the ad monetization industry? Here’s an overview for you. 

Ever thought of a career in the ad monetization space? As our business grows, we also need to expand our organization. By now, you’ll know that we are a Google-certified partner assisting web and app publishers in getting more out of their platforms by creating value for users either via content, services or entertainment. Working closely with various publishers provides us with unique publishing industry insights, second to none. 

So, likewise, in a recent recruitment drive, we’ve put out feelers for new talent to join our rapidly scaling business in the form of a Regional Publisher Sales Manager, among other roles. 

Of course, with the massive interest generated from the public, we’ve found some rather intriguing insights that we’d like to share. This is particularly important for our new hires and even those individuals interested in entering the broader publishing space. 

You can read some of these conversations and posts that spurred on this blog on our LinkedIn profile here

Please note that the advice below also applies to seasoned professionals.

Are you thinking of starting your career in ad monetization? Great move! This is what you need to know to get started. 

The global unemployment numbers are through the roof. There are chances that people will apply for roles that they aren’t qualified for. However, this isn’t a negative trait in the rapidly evolving world of publishing. There are two factors to consider here, 1. Basic understanding of the digital space, and 2. A cat’s curiosity. 

Curious? Let’s expand on this further. 

Understand the digital space 

The internet is unrecognizable in comparison to its first iteration. The indexing of the web changed the way we use it, and through every cycle and evolution, it continues to impact our everyday lives. Gone are the days when we’d simply upload content and easily find it indexed in a few minutes. Nowadays, we must ensure we meet SEO protocols, tick all the boxes, and make sure that content resonates with SERPs AI and human reading standards. And that’s just with regards to something like this blog you’re reading right now. 

While we pride ourselves on considering the soft skills first, there must be some level of proficiency in the skills required for the job advertised. We can’t expect a sales manager to go out there and sell something that they don’t fully comprehend. While training is provided, grasping the role requirements cuts that learning time in half and our new hire can hit the ground running. 

Therefore, ensure that you understand the digital space and its current stance and brush up on the skills you’ll need to make an impact within your role. 

Ask questions – to yourself and others. 

Curiosity is the driver of knowledge. 

In our industry, it helps to ask a lot of questions. For instance, when you’re online and something as simple as an advert pops up, ask yourself the following: 

  • Why did this advert appear? 
  • Why is this advert on this area of the page? 
  • What are the benefits of having an advert displayed like this? 
  • If I could change three things about this advert’s placement, what will those three things be? 
  • Is the advert relevant to the content that I’m searching for? 
  • What makes this advert special? 

If you can’t answer these questions, take a screenshot and save those questions and ask people within the industry to give you some clarity. We promise you that your questions will be answered in more detail than you believe if posed to people passionate about what they do. 

The conversations about money


Now that your understanding and curiosity are piqued, you must consider the next step in your ad monetization and career journey. Yes, the conversations about money. 

Recently, a law was passed stating that from 15 May 2022, all employers in New York City are required to list the salary ranges in advertisements for jobs, promotions and transfers. So, of course, we ran a poll to see what the public has to say about this. You can check out the poll here

In the publishing space, things operate similarly, except that in a performance industry, there’s the option of commission. From here, you have two primary salary options: High commission with a low base salary or the opposite. A low commission with a high base salary. But what does this really mean, and what is the preferred option? Let’s take a closer look. 

High commission with a low base salary

In performance roles, you’ll find that high commission with low base salaries is the preferred option, as you can see in our LinkedIn post here. This is only because work is rewarded immediately with the ability to dictate your own paycheck at the end of a month. 

Highly beneficial for sales roles, the low base salary is a guaranteed sum, but anything more than that is up to the individual. As we know, money is the greatest motivator, and through this model, it is up to you regarding the extent of your income. 

In the highly profitable world of publishing, if you’re looking to earn above the industry average for your specific role, be sure to choose a high commission structure to improve your financial standing. 

Low commission with a high base salary 

While low commission with a high base salary is an option, it’s not the most preferred, per our expertise. Seen as a safe alternative, as no matter your workload, you will know that you are guaranteed a ‘safe’ sum, the driving factors to bring in new business, expand that high sum with commission fall flat. 

This salary structure is perfect for analytical, administrative, or mechanical roles that do not require direct selling and interaction with the general public. Therefore, if you have huge financial commitments that need to be met, you may be better suited to pick this option here. 

The human element 

In the end, once you’re done with the skills and figures, the foundation phase begins. Yes, your ability, curiosity, and determination are add-ons to the most important aspect here—the human element. 

Find the humanization in every task you do even before you begin a career in ad monetization. Think about humans will interact with you and how you will interact with everyone else. Think about how you see the world and how others see it, and we assure you that through this simple consideration, you will become a great publishing specialist. 

The bots and the AI software will handle the analytics. However, the feelings, conversations, emotions, and interactions will, instead, be handled by you.

We hope that you’ve found this read to be a fruitful one and if you feel that you have the skills, ability, and curiosity that we’re looking for, be sure to pop us your resume here

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