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Leaderboard Ads Can Affect your UX

March 17, 2022
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Leaderboard ads

Leaderboard ads can affect UX

Leaderboard ads can affect your UX and should not be the only ad type that is part of your app concept

Did you know that your leaderboard ads can affect your user experience?

App creation isn’t easy. First, you begin with an idea, do your competitive market research, and plan out your various features. The questions to ask are: What makes your app stand out? Why will people download and use your app? How do you envision your app to look?

A handful of questions all based on a brilliant idea – and yet, at this stage, your app hasn’t even left the ‘paper’ stage before coding and creation can begin.

Unfortunately, though, it is at this point that most app developers and publishers often get it wrong. And no, we’re not talking about the app idea. Nor the design or the features. Instead, we’re referring to the implementation and user experience of the in-ad placements. The likes of leaderboard ads and other types, as well as execution.

As we move towards a free-app society, with paid-for apps losing their general appeal, it becomes pertinent for app developers and publishers to receive returns on investment still and achieve a steady flow of revenue.

The development of a simple mobile app can cost anything between $38 000 – $91 000. The price increases to cover marketing costs and app store publishing payments and will continue upwards. Every additional feature or service beyond a simple app pushes that price even higher. So while this blog post isn’t about the various features and costs, you can easily expect to pay around $150 000 before your app is out of the gate.

While we speak to app development here, the same applies to web developers and publishers.

So, how do you get that money back?

That’s where we come in. We ensure that you get your revenue generation right from any level of your app development journey!

How can publishers get it right?

Understanding the different types of ads is just one step towards a money-churning machine. However, implementing the ad placements into your initial design and concept proves a return of over 300%, according to a report by Google AdSense.

In a world where CPC (cost-per-click), CPM (cost-per-mille), and CTR (click-through rate) are the defining factors for your app performance, more so than even the number of downloads you generate, then that 300% can make or break your app’s future.

And no, this does not mean that you should slap leaderboard ads on your various pages, as it does not solve this problem.

For the newly initiated in the publishing space, we will explain further.


What is a leaderboard ad?

Leaderboard ad size comparison

There are many ad options available

You’ll notice that we’ve mentioned leaderboard ads a few times in this post, and that’s only because, in public, this type of ad is seen as the market leader, the best choice, the holy grail of ads.

And that’s where the problems start.

A leaderboard ad is a rectangular banner placement that typically measures 728 pixels wide by 90 pixels tall for desktop, with mobile leaderboards being 320 pixels in width by 50 pixels in height.

Leaderboard banner ads were among the highest-performing as they have the highest impact on website traffic. This is because, unlike the leaderboards you see in real life, these are filled with both text and images in a responsive display format.

In recent months, though, due to us all knowing and seeing these types of ads on almost every webpage, every app, and even in real-life (yes, leaderboard ads physical relatives are those billboards you see on the highway and the ads outside stores that you’ve come to love and hate), lead to ad fatigue and blindness. We see them so often that we begin to ignore them completely.


How then can you still wish for click-through, conversion, or campaign success?

Simple, you follow three steps:

  • Consider ad placements in your initial design
  • Know the difference between the various ads
  • Ensure that the ads that are generated on your platform are relevant to your target market

Easier said than done. We will outline every aspect of these steps in our blogs to come.

For today, if there’s anything that you take from this blog, then let it be this:

Do not buy into the general vision of one type of ad suiting all apps.

Your app is unique, and so is your idea behind it.

For you to get the greatest return on your investment, your ad experience must not negate your user journey. Instead, it must support it for a phenomenal revenue outcome.  

We hope this helps, and if you wish to discuss this further, please feel free to get in touch with us. Even if you’re way past the initial concept, we can still assist you in turning your business around.

Click here to get in touch today. 

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