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Sometimes AdSense doesn’t make any sense 

April 19, 2022
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Sometimes AdSense doesn’t make any sense 

Does AdSense Make Sense

Sometimes AdSense doesn’t make any sense!

From automation to ease, AdSense is a go-to option for most publishers. However, there are times when using AdSense doesn’t make any sense – and that is the point of this article. 

As a publisher, you understand that your objectives differ – and whether your goal is awareness or profit, the fact is that you’re putting content out into the world, creating solutions to industry issues, providing entertainment where it’s lacking – and you’re doing this for a particular reason.

Think back to the week before you published your first site

Of course, while the public may assume that all publishers want is to rake in dollars, the truth can be the complete opposite. No one gets into the publishing space with just the money-making goal in mind – and while we find increased revenue as a perk, knowing that your website achieves what it set out to do, absolute joy and fulfillment come from that purpose. 

So, the question is this: Will you allow Google to provide just any type of ad for your platform and, in a way, affect your overall user experience? 

Therein lies the first of many problems of blinding implementing Google’s AdSense. 

Should you be concerned about using AdSense? 

Yes, and no. 

As this is our bread-and-butter, we can guide you towards an option that’s right for you. While there are multiple issues to iron out regarding AdSense, it is crucial to note that every website is unique. There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all in this game. As you recognize this, you will find that various solutions align with your purpose. 

But we’ll come back to that. 

Let’s have a quick look at what doesn’t make sense when it comes to AdSense 

Look closer at AdSense

Let’s take a closer look at AdSense

The Money 

Did you know that you’ll only receive payments from Google when your ad revenue exceeds $100? While this may not seem like too large an amount to reach, the stats and criteria required make this a challenging goal to achieve – at least when you’re just starting to build traction. 

The Insecurity 

AdSense reserves the right to block your account and ban you for life if they suspect that you’ve contravened any of their rules – so yes, some users relinquished their ability to use AdSense by checking out the ads on their platform. Google noted this as the users self-clicking on their ads to drive up revenue and banned those users immediately. So be sure to tread with caution. 

The User Experience 

If you don’t have time to create or source ads of your own, Google provides you with ads. However, the ads aren’t always of excellent quality and can negatively affect your user experience, primarily if you aim for a specific look and feel across your platform. 

The Monopoly of AdSense

If you choose to align yourself with Google’s AdSense, know that you’re entering a monopoly. You won’t be able to source ads from anywhere else, and the options provided by Google’ll limit you. Are you someone who prefers freedom? Say goodbye to that freedom, then. Google may claim that all you need to do is choose the right campaign that you can read about here, but we call know that there’s more to adverts than that. 

The ROI 

Google provided you with x number of ads. At the end of the term, you receive approximately x dollars. However, Google does not provide you with the percentages, the click-through rate, the stats behind the payment. You do not receive the in-depth reports you would want. For example, you may want to know whether the income exceeds the outcome (improbable) or if your ads are performing at a much better level. If you’re not too interested in reports, stats, etc., and find that you’re happy receiving some additional compensation, perhaps this system will work for you. 

The Criteria of AdSense

With a set number of languages accepted by AdSense, along with requirements for your site or platform to be online for a certain number of days (an average of six months – but this differs per platform and country), you may find that AdSense has numerous loops to jump through for a publisher. But unfortunately, the same courtesy does not extend to you in return. 

The SEO 

Search Engine Optimization is a biggie. You must rank nowadays to be found in any capacity at all. AdSense negatively affects SEO. So, unless your SEO is bulletproof, you may find that AdSense can be more problematic than productive for your platform. More true when you’re just starting and trying to grow through organic content. 

What is YOUR purpose?

What is YOUR purpose?

A Publisher’s purpose 

You’ve set out with a specific purpose when you decided to publish your website. Whether it was to inform or entertain, solve a problem or create a community, that purpose drove you beyond the conception and development stages right up to publishing your masterpiece. And even if it isn’t a masterpiece yet, we know it will be better than the first iteration when your next version lands. 

You must align yourself with people who take the time to know you and your business objectives before jumping in.

Perhaps Google’s AdSense can be the best option for generating additional income, or maybe you’re making the biggest mistake of your publishing life. But, of course, that is relative to what you want to achieve in a set period. 

Whatever your goals may be, and however you wish to accomplish them, please note that our team at Relict will put you first. We’re advisors before we’re anything else. And if, through our conversation, we find a win-win solution for you, then we take pride in partnering with you. 

Book a call with us here to find out how we can help you with or without AdSense. 

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